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How long does a Spray Tan last?

If I had a dirham for every time I was asked this! The longevity of your Spray Tan is highly dependent on the correct preparation and after care. Below, is the standard life cycle of a Spray Tan, if the vital preparation and after care steps have been adhered to.

The Life Cycle of a Spray Tan

Day 0 - Skin has been fully exfoliated and moisturised as detailed in our preparation blog and tan is applied.

Day 1 - Your tan is at its darkest and may even develop a little further after your initial rinse.

Day 2-3 - Colour is perfect and ready for your event/celebration (or every day life!)

Day 4-6 - Your tan will begin to fade a little. Fade will be even and very gradual.

Day 7-10 - Fading will continue and your tan will be much lighter in the final few days.

Day 11+ - Your tan is ready to be removed. Exfoliating can begin to remove the final bits of tan.

Once your tan has been fully exfoliated off and skin is clear of all previous product, your next spray tan can be applied!

Have two events or occasions close together? No problem! The exfoliation can take place any time from day 4. It may take a little more work to remove your previous tan but once your skin is clear, you can book your next mobile spray tan appointment.

To book your mobile spray tan appointment in Dubai, email or send a message via the contact form on this website.

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Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mar 11, 2022

really great blog about <a href="">Spray Tan</a> . Thank you for sharing the in-depth details.

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