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How To Look After Your Spray Tan

So you've prepped your skin perfectly and your Spray Tan looks incredible, but what next? After care of course!

When you've had a gorgeous spray tan, naturally you want it to last as long as possible. This blog aims to teach you all the tricks in the book to improve the longevity of your tan.


After your Spray Tan appointment, be sure to keep your skin hydrated with plenty of moisturiser. I recommend applying moisturiser or lotion after every shower to prevent your colour from fading too quickly.

2.Say no to scrubs!

Once your Spray Tan has been applied, be careful to avoid any scrubs or exfoliating products - this includes shower poufs and your towel! For the longest lasting results, wash using shower gel and a non-abrasive sponge and then pat yourself dry using your towel.

3.Top up with self tanner

Your Spray Tan will typically last 7-10 days before your skin is ready to be exfoliated to prepare for your next appointment. However, a good quality gradual tan can be used during the final few days of your spray tan to prolong and 'top up' your results.

4.Avoid steam rooms and long showers

Hot water and steam can cause your skin to loosen its hold on your spray tan. Stick to shorter, slightly cooler showers and stay away from the steam room for the duration of your tan.


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